Rachel Oliver

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About Rachel

Rachel Oliver is a full-time investor, successful real estate entrepreneur and co-authors of an Amazon best-selling book: Rent-to-Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers. She, and her husband, are considered Ontario’s leading experts on the Rent-to-Own (RTO) investing strategy and is often recognized by her nickname ‘Cashflow Queen’. Over 10 years ago she re-engineered the model to make RTOs more accessible and more bulletproof for investors craving cashflow. Driven to make Rent-to-Own more mainstream and trustworthy, and out of her passion for enabling families to achieve their homeownership goals, she co-founded Clover Properties. Today she has done more than 600 RTO deals across Ontario and aims to help thousands of Canadians by matching homebuyers with investors who want to generate lucrative cashflow without the headaches of ‘tenants and toilets’. For info visit: HelloCashflow.ca.

Website:  Stop Renting Today
Book:  Rent-to-Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers
LinkedIn: Rachel Oliver
Facebook: @AssistedPurchaseProgram
Instagram: @RachelOliver869
Email: rachel@rethinkrenting.com