Nick Skalkos

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Nick Skalkos is a platinum recording artist, real estate investor and animal rights activist from Kitchener, Ontario. Nick and his wife Sarah have successfully reached their goal of replacing their income from their jobs with passive income from real estate. This has allowed Sarah to resign from her job as an elementary school teacher and focus with Nick on taking their time back to do more things together like exercise, work on scaling their real estate business and donate time and money to charities.

​Nick has released several critically acclaimed albums on multiple renowned record labels and has toured the world with some of the music industry’s hottest acts. Nick has since gone behind the scenes to hone in on his skills as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and writer. He has even expanded to producing music for film and television. Most notably is the intro for HGTV’s ‘Scott’s Vacation House Rules’.

It was at a local restaurant, in 2000 when Nick Skalkos first met his wife Sarah LeRiche. It wasn’t long after when the two made national headlines for holding a spontaneous wedding one night at a local Tim Hortons in Waterloo, Ontario. The impromptu wedding led to national news coverage that included multiple interviews with major Canadian networks and unlimited Tim Hortons coffee for a year. Nick and Sarah now prefer Starbucks and focusing on their real estate business from their basement apartment in Cambridge, Ontario.

In only five short years, Nick went from knowing absolutely nothing about real estate investing and having no money to controlling over $7.3M in real estate assets using very little of his own money. Together with business partners Evan Mcleish and wife Sarah LeRiche, both of whom quit their jobs in February of 2021, Nick saw the pandemic shut down as an opportunity to focus on building their real estate investing business. Since joining forces with Evan and Sarah, Nick has acquired five multifamily apartment buildings. Currently Nick owns 68 doors in three different provinces and has raised over $2.2M.

The reason why Nick and Sarah are so dedicated to scaling their real estate business is they want to help bring awareness to inequality, animal welfare and environmental causes they feel passionate about. Whether it’s donating time to ‘Habitat for Humanity’ or donating money to cover legal bills for ‘Animal Justice’; real estate allows them to have the time and money to help those in need and help make a positive impact.



Assets Under Management: $7.3M | 68 doors (July 2021)
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Phone: 519-573-2636