Michael Richter

Hosted ByDanielle Chiasson

Michael Richter along with his better half Jenn Richter have created Double E Properties Inc. They have grown an 18 door portfolio as a married couple and while still raising two young girls. Recently Jenn has retired from her day job. They started their investment journey buying only new build homes in Milton and Guelph; however, after recognizing the change in the market, they focused their attention on an additional strategy, creating legal secondary suites and are currently building their first additional dwelling unit. Michael and Jenn love the BRRR philosophy as it creates passive income for their investors through forced appreciation. Michael and Jenn love sharing their passion about real estate by speaking at real estate networking events, being guests on Podcasts, and being featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine. Michael’s experience in renovations comes from having a 18+ year background as a Red Seal Sheet Metal Worker. During his free time, Michael enjoys engaging in public speaking as an award-winning speaker. Investing in real estate has allowed the Righters to spend precious time with their daughters. Now that Jenn has retired, the Richters have more time to explore their passions such as hiking and the outdoors. They also love travelling the world and creating fun and exciting memories.


Website: www.doubleeproperties.ca
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doubleeproperties
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 905-299-6338