Melanie and Dave Dupuis

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Melanie and Dave Dupuis, well known as Investor Mel & Dave, are innovative real estate investors who have SOLELY acquired over 226 apartments in just a few short years. Even during the pandemic in 2020, they purchased 119 units. Their strategy gives them the ability to purchase properties… without using any of their own money or relying on joint ventures. This also allows them to own 100% of the property – which means they keep 100% of the equity, cashflow, and appreciation. Investor Mel & Dave are also founders of the Action Mentorship Program – a high-end mentorship program dedicated to helping individuals create their own time, location, and financial freedoms. They do this by helping them build their real estate portfolio without using their own money or doing joint ventures. To date, they’ve helped over 921 clients in Canada and the United States. Mel & Dave are known for their sharp intuition which allows them to spot opportunities in any market – and this has allowed them to expand their real estate portfolio beyond Canada to the US, Costa Rica, and more countries to come. Starting out, Mel was working full-time at her local college, and Dave was a full-time firefighter. They understand what it’s like to be stuck in the ‘hamster wheel’ of trading time for money. But they knew they wanted a better life for their family, so they chose to step up and make real estate investing work no matter what. After discovering the “Creative Financing” strategies they now use, they were able to purchase 12 properties in 12 months (56 units) in 2017. Following a horrific life-changing highway crash in 2018, they wrote a Real Estate Investing book “Real Estate Investing Secrets – A NO-B.S. Guide to Creating Wealth & Freedom” which topped the Amazon #1 Best Seller list early in its launch. As well, Mel is the co-author of “The Only Woman in the Room – Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors, which also achieved Bestseller status. They are living proof that if you don’t let anything stop you, success can be yours. With over 20 years of combined experience in real estate investing, property ownership, and management, this self-made couple understands the ins and outs of building a business and of acquiring wealth through real estate. In 2019, they won the “Small Business of the Year” award in North Bay, have won the 2020 Canadian Business Award as Leading Experts in Real Estate Investing, and have also won the 2021 Canadian Business Award as Top Real Estate Mentors. In their free time, Mel & Dave enjoy relaxing at their cottage (purchased with OPM), spending time with their 3 kids and dog (Rexy), and creating unforgettable memories on family trips. Along with podcast appearances on shows like Brad Lea TV and Bigger Pockets, Mel and Dave are investors, speakers, and authors. They are also mentors to hundreds of people throughout North America helping them change their lives by applying creative financing and other people’s money (OPM) strategies.



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