Matt McKeever

Hosted ByDanielle Chiasson

Matt has grown as a real estate investor and as his journey through life evolved he’s begun to get inspired/invested/interested in new things like cryptocurrency, culture, politics and much more which he wants to share with you and the world but….


He and his media team began to notice that although some of you enjoy this type of content, it definitely detracts from the main core concept of achieving financial independence through real estate investing and all the various strategies & people to utilize to get there that he’s spent the last 5 years building with over 1000+ videos & 250+ livestreams so he decided that he needed to change that if he was going to ensure he was bringing the BEST Real Estate content for Canadians!


In this video, Matt is dedicated to making the announcement of how he is re-branding his YouTube channel and, if you’re interested, you can find out more about the other types of content he’ll be discussing as well as how to navigate the channel he created no matter what level you are at as a real estate investor in Canada!


Using the video link above you can navigate to links to all the various playlists/channels for you to level up as a real estate investor whether you’re brand new or you’ve got a couple properties and looking to scale up or if you want to be a real estate mogul with a vast portfolio that spans across the nation and maybe even into other countries!