Mathew Frederick

Hosted ByDanielle Chiasson

With 31 years of real estate investing, Mathew has experience in residential, commercial, development, USA, & Belize property. Mathew started in residential income property before expanding to buy-fix-sell, lease option, commercial buildings, new development projects, self-storage & modular homes. Mathew has led the renovation of many properties for over 30 years, most notably partnering with a developer to build 280 houses and 3 low-rise condo buildings over the past 10 years. Mathew was not a perfect investor and did not get everything right the first time around. “I picked wrong partners, made uninformed choices, been too eager to buy, screwed up on taxes, and got stuck cleaning land contaminated before I was born but these things helped me to grow, learn to fight, and survive adversity.” Mathew focuses on managing commercial portfolio assets and coaching investors in real estate & business acquisition. Mathew treasures lifelong learning. His hands-on experience helps you get to the finish line sooner while reducing costly mistakes & stress.


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Capital Raised: $250M+