Mark Baltazar

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About Mark

Mark began his real estate investing career in 2015 focusing on single family rehabilitation projects. He then shifted to commercial multifamily in 2018, growing a portfolio of $35M in assets under management to date.

Mark is the Co-Founder of Peak Multifamily Investments, a boutique real estate private equity firm that helps
accredited investors grow their wealth through apartment building investing.

With 18 years of experience in business strategy and corporate consulting on the global stage, Mark brings a wealth of business management and operational expertise to real estate investing. Winner of the Real Estate Investment Network’s Top Player Award in 2017 and the Multifamily Investor Award in 2020, Mark continues to build strong momentum in growing his real estate portfolio.

Mark believes that everyone is capable of accessing the power of commercial multifamily to build generational wealth. He helps investors through one-on-one coaching, connecting buyers to property sellers, and providing accredited investors access to invest in Peak Multifamily’s own investment opportunities.


Real Estate Experience

    • Co-founder of Peak Multifamily Investments – a firm dedicated to helping people grow generational wealth through apartment buildings.
    • Peak Multifamily Investments has transacted over $100 million in real estate.
    • Co-host of The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast.
    • Holdings of $20 million in real estate assets.
    • Real Estate Investment Network Top Player Award, 2017.
  • Coach to aspiring multifamily investors.


Instagram: @Mark_Baltazar | @MPeakMultifamily
Facebook: @Mark_Baltazar | @MPeakMultifamily
LinkedIn: @Mark_Baltazar | @MPeakMultifamily
Podcast: Peak Multifamily Podcast
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Phone: (416) 902-2875