Manny Haidary

Hosted ByDanielle Chiasson

Manny started off as a realtor trying to learn and understand the market. He found his niche working with investors and along the way he was fortunate enough to learn from some clients and other colleagues in the business. He is still a full time realtor but now has 4 realtors that work with him on his team Marquee Realty Advisors.  He has lots of money partners that he invests in real-estate with. His primary strategies are flipping properties, buying rentals and doing AirBnB and now looking into some commercial units.

He was fortunate enough to make the Hamilton Spectator newspaper a few times last year for setting records. One time his first time investors also made front page with the help of him and his contractors. He is always looking to grow, learn and connect with people that are like minded.


Phone: 905-745-9966