Mandy Resendes & Geoffrey Lawrence

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Twisted Cedar Properties – We create safe and flourishing communities by bringing mismanaged and deteriorating properties back to life!

Mandy & Geoff are the co-founders of Twisted Cedar Properties whose focus is bringing underperforming old builds back to life, and maximizing the highest and best use of depressed multi-tenant properties through unit conversions. But before all that, they were two ordinary people who were trying to make their way in the world the way they were taught; by working really hard, with loyalty and consistency, for other people.

Geoff worked in the Commercial Physical Security Sales industry for over 25 years and Mandy’s focus was Event Coordination and Management, Experiential Marketing and Sales. The thing is, no matter how hard they worked in their careers, how much they sold, or how loyal they were, they just couldn’t seem to get ahead, and when they finally did make some progress… they weren’t truly happy there. Something was missing, something of their own, something that meant something to other people. Their creative minds weren’t being used to their full potential, they felt their values didn’t align with those of their employers. They wanted to make more of a positive social, economic and environmental impact in their communities… maybe even the world. But how, when, with what money, and with what time? Sound familiar? Well… as it did for many, things changed in early 2020. Covid-19 flipped the world upside down.

Mandy and Geoff had been working in the Real Estate Education industry for a company called Keyspire executing live events for Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini across Canada. They worked with some of the best minds in the industry! Things were good, they finally seemed to be tapping into something that felt good, something that inspired them, but something was still amiss. They still weren’t creating something of their own. They were helping to educate other people in investing and changing their lives, but were bogged down by time and money constraints, not to mention those pesky, deeply engrained self-limiting mindsets that prevented them from taking action of their own. Then the pandemic hit, and brought an abrupt halt to life as they knew it. The events world was dead and so were their jobs. Jobless and very scared at first, soon after something shifted. It didn’t take long for them to realize that this was their window of opportunity to make a BIG CHANGE for themselves, and eventually others. They realized, Geoff is a skilled tradesman with focus on carpentry, architectural design and sales, and Mandy is a project coordination wizard with great connections, marketing know-how and a creative eye for design potential. Combined they already made a fantastic REI team! With that they took matters into their own hands and moved into Real Estate Investing full time. Very quickly old passions and dreams started to resurface and unfold. Mandy and Geoff wanted to save old buildings and to bring the depressed rural communities they loved back to life!

Their first step was to generate their own salary in order to create the freedom and time to cultivate those quickly developing dreams and goals. Within 8 months of their journey as full time investors they paid themselves a healthy 6-figure salary EACH on their first project (an old farm house flip). This has allowed them the time and freedom they always wished for, away from working for others, to begin building their dream of improving housing standards, availability, sustainability and quality of life in the small rural communities that surround them and beyond. Mandy and Geoff have big dreams up their sleeves and would love to chat with you about them! Reach out, book a call, or send a message to join their journey to a better future for all.



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