Mandy Branham

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About Mandy

Mandy Branham, known as the JV Queen, is an expert in the Real Estate Investing Industry. With more than 350 Units in her portfolio, and 50+ Joint Venture partners; Mandy is constantly providing opportunities for people to grow their wealth through passive investing strategies. Growing up in a small town, Mandy turned to figure skating as her sport of choice. She grew into a National level figure skater, learning the importance of dedication and practice to perform as an elite athlete. When she was 12, she fell off the monkey bars during recess at school and fractured her neck in 3 places. Unlike the doctors projected, she wore a halo on her head for only 3 months that was held in place by bolts to her skull, and walked away with nothing more than scars to show for it. The day when all her braces came off, she took up Down Hill skiing for the first time. She is a free spirit that likes to experience new things while enjoying the outdoors. After 2 years as a student at Laurentian University, Mandy decided to explore New Zealand and Australia. She back-packed alone for 9 months before returning to enroll at Georgian College for Business Marketing. Here she found her calling and love of business, as well as her future husband Larry. Having now been married for 20 years, Mandy and Larry are business partners, travel partners, and parents to Megan who is 18 and Jacob who is 16. While raising her children, Mandy worked part time in a dental office. In 2007 when the automotive industry was taking a nosedive, Larry’s job became uncertain and so together they made the decision for Mandy to get a second job. She earned a role as staff scheduler at Georgian Bay General Hospital. For 7 years, Mandy held both roles until she transitioned out of the dental office to begin her side hustle with Real Estate in 2014. Mandy had been looking for an industry that she could have the direct results of her hard work and dedication. She found that in Real Estate. After joining a well known coaching program, the first property that Mandy and Larry transacted on created a $50,000 return in only 20 days. She was hooked. She knew this was the industry for her! She left her job in 2016 and not long after, in 2018, Larry joined as the managing director of their Construction Company. Starting out by using her own money, Mandy quickly acquired a few assets before she was faced with more deals than she had capital to close on them. That was the birth of the JV Queen. Realizing that many investors want the benefit of Real Estate without the hassle of dealing with tenants and toilets, Mandy found a niche and quickly began to fill it. Mandy is a female leader in her industry holding her role with confidence in an industry that is mainly male-driven. She is the founder of Solutions Driven Enterprises and the host of a weekly show ‘The Full Time Investor’. She is the recipient of REIN Canada’s 2019 JV of the Year, showcasing the emphasis she has on value based partnerships as a mode of constantly expanding her business on all levels. Mandy is an inspired investor with a global vision to positively impact housing in the world. As a coach and mentor, Mandy is passionate about changing the trajectory of every person’s financial future with real estate as the vehicle for generational wealth. With a large (and organically created) social media following, Mandy provides daily inspiration with many of her fellow real estate investors nationally


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