Kory MacKinnon

Hosted ByDanielle Chiasson

Born and raised in Sarnia Ontario, Kory is a former corporate trainer who was able escape the rat race after 7 short years of real estate investing.  With investing experience in multiple markets Kory has executed on almost every real estate strategy, with his favourite being buy and hold apartment buildings.


When not doing real estate deals, Kory now spends his “currency” of time as a health fanatic, devoted husband to his amazing wife and as a loving father to his 4 young children.  His mission in life is to be a Financial Leader to others and encourage them to Step Up and do the same to escape the 40-40-40 plan of their J.O.B.  Often hired to guide people to tap into the mindset required to have breakthrough performance in real estate investing which is 80% of the game.