Kelly Wagner

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Kelly began investing in real estate in 2015 while travelling across Canada working in a sales & training role for a well-known real estate education company.  By the end of 2019, the combination of income from her real estate investment portfolio and options trading enabled her to leave her T4’d job to engage in these endeavours full time.

Strategies she’s employed in real estate include joint venturing, private money borrowing & lending, student rental, buy & hold, flipping, BRRRs, rent-to-own, short-term and executive furnished rentals, pre-construction, and multi-family residential.  She’s now moving into real estate development.

She is an active member of several real estate networks and mastermind groups that collectively manage hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, and her successes have led her to multiple appearances on Everyday Investor with Rav Toor, CTV News, several podcasts and speaker panels, and been featured as a Keyspire ‘Success Story’.

Although Kelly had earned an honours degree in Business and held previous careers in private wealth management and small business management & consulting, as a single mom through it all, she had never expected being able to “retire” at the age of 46.

Some of the other interests Kelly has engaged in over the years include hosting a cooking show on Rogers TV for three seasons, winning her Toastmasters’ chapter title of Speaker of the Year, accepting several teaching & speaking engagements, and producing and hosting her own TV series on holistic well-being.  When she’s not working on her next real estate deal or generating income from the stock markets, you’re most likely to find her reading or watching a documentary, enjoying the company of her friends & family, planning her next trip, or at her cottage enjoying long walks in nature & playing frisbee at the beach.

Kelly is forever grateful to the mentors, coaches and instructors who taught her the paths to financial independence, and is a huge advocate of investing in your own education and personal development.



Assets Under Management: $2.9M (2021)


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