Huong Luu

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Being from a traditional Chinese family, working hard was a must. I saw this from my parents who came to Canada with no money and was able to purchase a variety store in hopes of building steady income and financial security for the family. Without realizing it, I started buying real estate in my 20’s to get passive income and to build financial security.

Once I had 4 properties, obtaining additional funding for more real estate endeavours was impossible. Even though I was making a great income as an Engineer, lenders would not approve me for any more mortgages.

When the opportunity came to retire from engineering, I wanted to figure out how to grow my real estate portfolio to build financial security. And I have. Now, I help families take vacations when they want, have abundance of wealth, finance their dream home (and pay it off) and grow their real estate portfolio to build financial security.


Huong’s Bio:

Huong currently helps families become mortgage-free in 10 years or less regardless of age, education and financial situation. She also mentors other RE investors in growing a RE portfolio and building passive income through private lending.

In addition to publishing Path to Mortgage Freedom in 10 years (which you can get a complimentary e-copy of using the link below), Huong has had the privilege of co-authoring a book with Brian Tracy and being quoted in the Canadian Real Estate Magazine.

Huong has been investing in real estate for over 20 years. After house hacking her first rental property (before house hacking was a thing), she gradually acquired more properties year after year and now invest in JV and private mortgages.

Huong is extremely creative and will help you be mortgage-free and financially secure.


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