Eric Chang

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An entrepreneur since the age of 12, Eric is a big believer in the power of creative, entrepreneurial problem solving to tackle some of life’s greatest challenges. In addition to his business ventures, Eric is also involved with various non-profit organizations to alleviate extreme poverty around the world.

Eric has been investing in real estate for over 10 years. After purchasing his first rental property at the age of 24, he gradually acquired more properties year after year and now owns a portfolio of 20+ rental properties in Southern Alberta.

Non-Profit Involvement: Led 10+ humanitarian development expeditions with over 350 individuals to 6 countries, with over $700k in donations have been raised for international development organizations.

Eric has primarily focused on the BRRRR strategy (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) to invest in real estate. After successfully renovating over 10+ rental properties with a sizable increase in property values, he now coaches a group of students to follow his efficient renovation model to consistently and predictably renovate properties and leverage capital to efficiently grow real estate portfolios.

In addition to coaching students in real estate investing, Eric is an active member of various real estate investment organizations and mastermind. Eric also co-host a multi-family real estate investing support group for investors across Canada.

Eric is actively working with property owners who are looking to retire and exiting their real estate portfolios. He focuses on developing a transition plan for the sellers to provide a combination of tax saving opportunities and cash flow options for the portfolio sellers who often are in a position looking to retire and simplify their lives.



Assets Under Management: 20 (April 2021)
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Eric is also passionate about helping others to succeed in life. Through Airau Marketing, Eric made several community partnerships with various non-profits by offering professional marketing services, many of them on pro-bono basis. The non-profit organizations include but not limited to: Family Centre Society of Alberta, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Lethbridge, Lethbridge Family Services, Youth One, Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge.





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