Doug Meyers

Hosted ByDanielle Chiasson

Doug has been investing in real estate since 2013 and has built an investment portfolio of residential assets in multiple cities across Western Canada. As a former mining engineer who used real estate investing to provide the income needed to leave his previous full-time employment, he has experience with joint ventures, private lending and borrowing, fix-and-flips, the BRRR strategy, pre-construction condos, and buy-and-hold investments. Today he continues his investing with a focus on buy and hold acquisitions for building wealth, and flipping residential properties for income. He is an award winning investor of both the REIN and Keyspire network, an education partner with Rev N You with Real Estate, and podcast host of the Rev N You with Real Estate Podcast where he interviews real estate investors from all walks of life, uncovering the strategies, practices, and systems that investors across North America are putting into place to achieve real estate investing success.



Assets Under Management: $3.1M 14 Doors (2021)
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Email: [email protected]