Austin Yeh

Hosted ByDanielle Chiasson

Austin Yeh is a 26 year real estate entrepreneur who was able to leave his finance career to pursue real estate full time in February 2021. Currently Austin is a full-time real estate wholesaler, co-owning the wholesaling company Ontario Property Deals, and BRRRR investor with over 40 real estate units. With his partner, Austin was able to scale his wholesaling company to over $1mil in revenue within the 1st year of operations and is now focusing on growing his portfolio to over 100 units in 2022 with joint venture partners. Austin is also the founder and co-operator of RISE Network, one of the largest and fastest growing Ontario Real Estate Communities with close to 6,000 members on Facebook, as well as the host of RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast which has hit over 100,000 downloads in within it’s first year.


Number of Doors: 45 doors across 23 properties (>$6M AUM) [2021]

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: AustinYeh6

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