Episode 73: Commercial vs Residential Real Estate

Tim is a successful real estate investor who comes from a humble background and is here to share with us his insights on Commercial and Residential Real Estate. Find out what Tim and has to share and his journey, in this podcast we discuss:

  1. Tim transitioned into commercial real estate investing several years ago and manages $16 million in assets under management.
  2. Cash reserves are important for commercial real estate investing as the lows can be lower.
  3. There is more room for creativity in commercial real estate, such as splitting up larger properties and finding creative ways to fill a vacant building.
  4. Financing can be more creative in commercial real estate, such as using “VTBs” or seller financing.
  5. It can be a challenge for an investor agent to educate other agents on the other side of a deal.
  6. The main challenge for people transitioning from residential to commercial real estate investing is mindset and cost of entry.

About Tim Blake:

Tim Blake is a commercial real estate agent and investor in Grand Prairie, Alberta, who has experience in residential real estate as well and began buying properties at a young age to increase his net worth and have his mortgage paid off. He transitioned into full-time commercial real estate investing in 2015 and now manages $16 million in assets under management with over 70-75 doors.

Connect with Tim Blake :

Website: www.timblakerealestate.ca
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remax/

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