Episode 72: The Founder of Structurally and Expert in AI-Based Lead Conversion for Real Estate Industry

Nate Joens fell in love with real estate technology while in college and started the company after realizing there was a need to optimize the follow-up process for leads in the real estate industry and found that conversational AI was a unique approach to solving that problem.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. AI in real estate lead management requires an adaptable approach for empathy and open-ended questions.
  2. Structurally’s AI product avoids leads dying by using a conversational approach that can adapt to the specific lead’s needs and situation, and it updates the CRM during the conversation.
  3. The AI system used by Structurally revives and qualifies leads through text and email, allowing for ongoing communication and follow-up.
  4. The system saves significant time for real estate agents by automating data updating, and is more efficient than manually updating the CRM, allowing them to focus more on their business. The conversation also happen on channels (text and email) that are long lasting, so the leads don’t get lost.
  5. Speed is important when capturing new leads, if you ignore them for 6 minutes, you’re 21 times less likely to convert them.
  6. The importance of follow-up and having a process in place for it.
  7. The benefits of working with a company that helps to put structure around the sales to conversion process.

About Nate Joens:

Nate Joens, is the founder of Structurally, which is an AI system that helps businesses with lead generation and sales conversions. He is based in Iowa and mostly focuses on real estate agents and mortgage brokers. He started Structurally 6 years ago, inspired by his experience in college studying GIS and urban planning, and by the difficulty of following up with leads and converting them into actual clients.

Connect with Nate Joens:

Website: www.structurelead.com
Email: [email protected]

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