Episode 71: How to Thrive in Real Estate Investing: Lessons from the Dijons

Meet The Dijons, Diane and John who have got into real estate and share their experience on how they became successful. They share their challenges and how they took advantage of the opportunities that came their way. Find out more on what they have to say!

In this episode, we cover

  1. The Dijon family have been successful in real estate investing for about 3.5 years, with a portfolio of around 25 multifamily properties in Hamilton and additional properties in other locations.
  2. They attribute their success to hard work and investing in their education, and encourage others to consider alternative approaches to real estate investing.
  3. After about two years in the industry, the Dijons began sharing their knowledge and experience with others in the field and believe that it is important to be part of a supportive community or “tribe” in order to thrive and grow.
  4. To figure out their strategy, the Dijons sought out and learned from successful real estate investors and believe that networking and talking to people in different strategies is important for getting practical experience and figuring out the right path to take.
  5. Having a clear personal “why” for investing in real estate and a clear goal in mind helps them to stay motivated and overcome challenges.
  6. Networking and selling oneself are crucial skills for an investor to have in order to grow and succeed in the business. It is important to be willing to step out of one’s comfort zone and make connections, and to be able to clearly communicate the value and opportunity one is bringing to potential partners or investors.
  7. The importance of continuously learning and growing as an investor is emphasized, including seeking out and learning from others who have more experience in the field.
  8. Overall, the Dijons highlight the value of education, networking, and surrounding oneself with others in the same field in order to succeed in real estate investing.

About Dijon

Meet the Dijons, Dian and John who have achieved success in the real estate industry over the past 3 and a half years. With a portfolio of approximately 25 multifamily properties in Hamilton and additional properties in other locations, they have built a solid foundation in the industry. In this discussion, they share their journey, challenges, and strategies for success, as well as the importance of education and networking in the field. They encourage others to consider alternative approaches to real estate investing and to be willing to learn from those with more experience. Additionally, the Dijions emphasize the value of having a clear personal “why” and of being able to sell oneself and communicate the value one brings to potential partners or investors.

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