Episode 69: Access to Your Property with A Troublesome Tenant

This week, Harry Fine tells us all about his experience with witnessing a troublesome tenant and everything that came with it. But the question is… how do you handle these sort of situations? Listen in and find out!

In this episode, we cover:

  • In case you didn’t know – Harry is actually in my team! He is a full-time retired real estate investor, who is joining us for the third time in this podcast. Trust that all his accounts are ones to remember!
  • Dealing with difficult tenants can be challenging. Setting the right systems in place, and making sure that your lease is fully explicit, can help you avoid these sorts of experiences.
  • Make sure to add, while unnecessary but fair, clauses that can ensure that your relationship with a tenant can actually flourish.

About Harry Fine:
As a senior paralegal, Harry Fine provides services to clients in various forums, and consults to landlords in residential tenancy matters. He teaches and consults extensively. Certified by RECO, the Real Estate Counsel of Ontario, Harry teaches Realtors in Residential Tenancy Law courses.

Connect with Harry Fine:
Website: https://landlordtraining.ca/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/harry_fine

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