Episode 60: How To Crush Your Flips

I am so glad to welcome Manjit once again to our podcast! This is an amazing episode where you will learn a lot about the flipping master himself. Manjit has raised over 40 million dollars in capital since he started 14 years ago in the business. Just imagine that level of expertise. You won’t want to miss it!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Manjit has flipped over 130 properties throughout his career. When he first got started, he had the classical snowball effect where he got a couple of scarce deals at the beginning, and then deal after deal!
  • He got started in 2008 at 23 years old. He began his way into the business through rentals.
  • No matter how slow the market is, if you start at a good price point, and you have a good product, you’re gonna sell!
  • Skewing numbers when flipping. He had a great amount of luck with referrals, and has been using the same crew for over 6 years. His secret? Finding the right people at the beginning.
  • When dealing with contractors, pay them on time. Contractors can be so loyal and go above and beyond if you take them seriously and pay them first. The best part? There is much more work for them in the future! Because they don’t have to waste time with other people, and therefore dedicate their job to you.
  • PRO TIP: refine numbers when you’re starting out. Check out other people’s business models.

About Manjit Rukhra:
Manjit is a real estate entrepreneur from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He quit his job as a correctional officer and started a successful real estate investing company. He has personally invested in over a hundred properties using none of his own money.

Manjit helps new and active real estate investors start and grow their own real estate investing businesses. He advises them on various sources of capital that may be needed to buy properties and how to profitably buy rentals, flip houses, and wholesale residential real estate. Manjit’s clients have been able to utilize his systems and support to quit their day jobs, earn 6+ figure income, build passive income and create long-term wealth. 

Connect with Manjit Rukhra:
Website: https://www.prosperpath.com/
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Book a call: https://www.prosperpath.com/schedule 

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