Episode 56: Building Human Relationships In Business

This week, we welcome Geoff and Mandy back on the pod! Absolutely wonderful to have them, honestly. They are killing it in a rural small town in Ontario through human relationships and networking. Wanna know how? Get your headphones and let’s get real estate!
In this episode, we cover:

  • Interested in how Mandy & Geoff got to where they are today? Well, good news! You can check out our previous talk on the podcast through the Let’s Get Real Estate website.
  • How building human relationships is KEY. It is everything. Mandy even pointed out that one of their projects would not have closed without it. A human approach to business is something that we need more of. Think about the person on the other side!
  • Maddy and Geoff – they need a win-win. They do not want a situation where only they benefit. They want to help, as it is their compass and philosophy. 
  • How the initial reaction to rehabs are important, and how it benefits them.
  • Challenges that they have encountered through human approach
  • How people are scared to seal the deal because they do not feel like the person on the other side is human. Be friendly!

About Mandy & Geoff:
Mandy & Geoff are the co-founders of Twisted Cedar Properties whose focus is bringing underperforming old builds back to life, and maximizing the highest and best use of depressed multi-tenant properties through unit conversions.  Mandy and Geoff wanted to save old buildings and to bring the depressed rural communities they loved back to life! 

Connect with Mandy & Geoff:
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Email: twistedcedargroup@gmail.com 

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