Episode 55: Challenging Mindset About RSP

We have the amazing opportunity to welcome my old friend Huong Luu once again, who is a former Mortgage agent and engineer. This time around, we will be focusing on how to become mortgage free. Huong has reached financial freedom from her 9-5, and is very passionate about showing others how to reach the same goal.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Huong got started with RSP investing. Coaching clients would bring their bank statements to her and asked if they are making a good return. She quickly realized… they don’t know how to read their bank statements!
  • Huong’s client’s worries about not having enough money to retire, and the questions that gave it some sense: are they really maximizing on their return? How much money do they need in order to fulfill this critical goal?
  • Consistent returns are key. When you are investing through lending your RSP… you can become the bank!
  • PRO TIP: the thing our guest does to protect herself during these sorts of transactions, is to choose who to be the bank for. Ask yourself: is this someone you can trust?
  • A little bit on Huong’s online course on how to grow a real estate portfolio. 
  • Transitioning from active investing to passive investing through private lending. The first step is to get educated.

About Huong Luu:
Huong Luu is a former mortgage agent and engineer, with a very impressive portfolio on her hands. She has managed remarkable projects in the oil/gas and biochemical industry, as well as written her own book about her experience with mortgages.

In the recent 18 months, Huong has been transitioning from actively managing to passively managing her portfolio, currently focusing more into financial management. Her journey to becoming financially free does not go unnoticed, as she is passionate about helping others reach the same goal.

Connect with Huong Luu:
Website: http://www.cashproperty.ca
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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/huong-luu-cashproperty/
Email: info@cashproperty.ca

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