Episode 54: Analysis Paralysis

Our amazing guest Shawn Rea is back here again to tell us all about Real Estate. From his journey through the industry to the it-takes-forever mindset that a lot of people suffer from, stopping them from getting into investing. Shawn also gets into his humble beginnings… and how real people can do real estate!

In this episode:

  • We cover how he got started before he was financially knowledgeable. As plenty of us, he had trouble with his finances due to the fact that he was not educated… until he changed it.
  • People who want to get started struggle to focus on multiple properties at once, and in turn prefer to focus on one home to have as a primary residence. Shawn himself tells us how he was $25,000 in debt, and how his job at the time did not help… so he began educating himself. 
  • We cover what good debt is: owning mortgage.
  • Surrounding yourself with the right network will definitely help you and give you support along the way.
  • Investors are working with what they got and are incredible problem solvers. Their PRO TIP? Not overthinking things!
  • How do you know you’ve vetted a property enough?

About Shawn:
Shawn Rea used to be a full-time employee but still living paycheck to paycheck. He changed his life by educating himself in real estate investing. He started investing at age 25 and now owns over 40 units and 18 parcels of land among other properties. He is currently working as a realtor in the Niagara region. He works primarily with investors that are looking to invest in multi-family properties, flips, and conversions.

Connect with Shawn:
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