Episode 53: Using The Right Contracts for the Properties to Protect Yourself 

We always talk about all the great things from Real Estate and how to get started with the proper steps… but do you know what to do when crap hits the fan? Well, today we welcome Zac Willms once again, as he tells us what he did to protect himself from a very crappy situation, and what he learned from this experience in order not to repeat it.

In this episode:

  • Zac tells us all about property management! In his case, he manages all his properties, and encourages everybody to do the same. There is a lot to learn about investing through managing, and it surely makes you a much better investor.
  • We cover that one time when he found a property, and through his experience, he was able to tell which type of people would be interested in it. What he has to say about the man who decided to apply and the different crazy stories from this deal… will definitely SHOCK you!
  • We touch on how we live in our own realities. Most experiences from tenants and landlords are widely different from one another. It is definitely an eye-opener to go through the process of becoming and being a landlord.
  • We discover how Zac protected himself in order not to fully become affected by the tenant!
  • PRO TIP: Make sure you recognize what you are offering and have proper agreements. Network is KING… and have a good lawyer!

About Zac:
Zac specializes in high-rise residential apartment buildings. Zac began his career as a certified paramedic and soon realized that it was not his passion. His interest in real estate grew and he bought his first investment property at the age of 21. With this, his passion for Real Estate continued to grow and he obtained his Real Estate licence while also starting to manage investor’s properties across the GTA. 

Connect with Zac:
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zacwillms/
Email:  zacwillms@gmail.com

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