Episode 52: Drafting The Paperwork with Jose Garcia

This week we invite Jose Gracia, our very first mobile homes park investor. Jose has been investing for the last 7 years in this business. He has managed to build this business from scratch to 400 units within the span of 400 units and helping other in this field.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is a mobile home park and how different it is from real estate.
  • The importance of drafting your paperwork properly.
  • How to verify and who you should verify from before investing. 
  • The potential challenges you can face with lot rent park if the seller hasn’t paid his due and how that due could affect you 
  •  What you can and cannot do with a mobile property.
  •  In times of purchasing what, you should look out for
  • And finally the need of biller sell in every transaction. 

About Jose Garcia:
Jose J. Garcia started 7 years ago thinking he wants to be the next real estate investor. But he had money issues. He made a lot of research on investing in manufactured housing, also known as mobile homes. After two months of acquiring his first mobile home, he was officially a landlord. He had 10 units of mobile homes for the same year. And now, he has invested in over 400 mobile home deals and also runs his own university where he teaches investing in mobile homes.

Connect with Jose Garcia:
Email: j@garciamhu.com 

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