Episode 45: The Benefits of Using a General Contractor

We are welcoming Jon Tenbrinkle today, as he spills the tea on construction contractors and everything going on with conversions: his subject of expertise. Jon is a colleague who is deep into my world, as he blew me away because of the systems he was implementing as a contractor, which is unlikely to see these days! So tune in, and learn some crucial information about contractors!

In this episode:

  • Jon started out as an electrical contractor; in fact, he was at the time the youngest master electrician in Ontario’s history! Then, through networking and seeing how some people were not managing something in the right way, he decided to start business with a partner. Of course, ups and downs were present, but being able to open your own business and make it work… is what matters!
  • Are people able to pull out more money than they put in? Well, according to our guest: it depends on the area. It is also important to learn about costs: how to be able to run the numbers and stay within your budget. Getting to that perfect BRRRR and being able to do it the right way. 
  • Jon’s piece of advice to investors that are working with contractors: Networking. Doing the work and research. It’s KEY to understand what type of contract you’re looking for!
  • We cover what our guest is usually looking at when looking at investors: the ones with an understanding of the local bylaws and the area. It means they did their research!
  • Being investor-friendly… and being an investor at that!
  • What would Jon tell a new investor when working with a general contractor? How does he make sure that they have an understanding of the cost and not feel gauged? Putting his reputation out there. Having that initial phone call based on experience, and last but certainly not least… being honest about how numbers work.

About Jon Tenbrinkle:
Jon Tenbrinke is the owner of Black Jack Contracting Inc. – a full-service contracting company. They focus on working with investors to help meet their goals and make the process easy. Their primary market is Legal Second Suite construction and investment real estate construction, Jon is also an electrician by trade and offers full-service electrical contracting.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jontenbrinke
Email: jon@blackjackcontractinginc.com

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