Episode 41: Finding the Right Deal to Invest In

Is your local real estate market hot? Are good real estate deals getting harder to find? If so, you’re not alone.  But this isn’t a new problem. To help you build that competitive advantage, our guest Eric Chang is back to talk to us about finding those deals that you’ve been working so hard for, and the challenges that come along!

In this episode…

  • Eric gives us a refresher on his career. Whether that’s within real estate or not, Eric has a lot of experience with different types of businesses up his sleeve!
  • We touch on thinking creatively: expanding your own mindset, being a property manager and how much one has to deal with communication and networking.
  • We cover the biggest problem that people have: not knowing how to find market deals. The solution? Ask! Don’t just sit on your hands, ask the experts.
  • Eric tells us: Beginner investors are always looking for that one great deal to brag around and about. Sometimes, what they will do is just wait for it to fall on their lap. Remember: you need a lot of good deals in order to get that ONE great deal!
  • We comment on building wealth and not just income in Real Estate. Believing that one great deal is enough will bring us income, yes, but not the long-lasting type!
  • Eric gets into the three layers of wealth and how this concept has kept his mind in the game.

About Eric Chang:
Eric Chang has been dubbed the master marketer. He owns a marketing agency that solves problems with businesses. He first got into real estate 10 years ago. He bought his first property at the age of 25. Today, the majority of his wealth was created in real estate. He also invests in stocks and other different trades. 

Connect with Eric Chang:
Website:  100.Properties
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/changeric

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