Episode 37: How to Sell Like Grant Cardone (Part I)

We welcome Doug Meyers back for yet another interesting topic! Our dear guest describes us in detail what the successful sales process looks like. Everybody is a salesman, you just gotta hone those skills.

This time around, we have split our conversation in two parts. Stay tuned for part two next week!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Doug’s journey into realizing that engineering was truly not his call, switching over to Real Estate investing over nine years ago!
  • How truly understanding sales can get you far. Come to think of it, what can sometimes doom your business is not being smart with sales, or not having the right procedures and mindset.
  • One very important piece of information that while obvious, people tend to forget: you just gotta put yourself out there. You have to believe that you will get through with your goals. 
  • Selling yourself. You may start your day with a good mood and a true hunger for success… but what happens when you are not in the mood anymore? You must know how to present yourself in order not to set yourself up for failure.
  • Each stage of the sale and how to rock it every time! Presenting yourself, setting up a deal… and the most important part: closing the deal!
  • The right vocabulary and the juicy questions that can get you to close that deal. While they’re not magical, they can do wonders for you!

About Doug Meyers:
Doug is a former mining engineer who used real estate investing to provide the income to leave his previous full-time employment. This gave him the opportunity to pursue other passions and business interests with his full attention. He has a portfolio of condos, duplexes, and triplexes across Western Canada, and is a partner in an active flipping business in Saskatchewan.

An award-winning investor and Keyspire Success Story, Doug is the host of RevNYou’s very own RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast where he interviews real estate investors in all walks of life. He is also the host of The Grow Give Expand Podcast, where he speaks with entrepreneurs and business owners, uncovering the personal practices and systems that help them live successful, meaningful lives.

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