Episode 36: The Power of Joint Ventures

Having doubts about starting your venture? Considering all the things holding you back or dreading the work ahead? This week, Mandy Branham addresses all of your potential fears and calls for developing self-discipline, as well as all the benefits you get to reap thanks to your hard work. Let yourself get inspired!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How important it is to teach yourself patience, work hard without expecting instant gratification and trust the process 
  • What goes on behind the scenes when starting in Real Estate, the sacrifices you make and why you shouldn’t waste time getting into the business, as well as the investment of time and money required for getting started
  • The do’s and don’ts of Joint Ventures, how they influence communities, why you should consider them instead of solo work and how they can improve your portfolio. We talk about what your partners can help you with, the speed and profits of the process.
  • Mandy’s own experiences with JV’s and her work processes, as well as some tips and tricks for operating a Real Estate business while working with partners. 

About Mandy Branham:
Mandy Branham is a community leader in providing clean, safe, appropriate housing. With 8 years of full-time experience in Real Estate, she manages over 120 properties. She is an avid promoter of the value of Real Estate as part of a diversified Investment Portfolio. Mandy is an innovator who is always looking for ways to add value to others with a smile on her face and gratitude in her heart.

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