Episode 34: The Multiplier Effect

Hey all! This week, we dive deep into apartment building investing with our dear guest Mark Baltazar, an expert in the multifamily space. If you’re just getting started with investing in this area, or you just would like to hear the experience of a fellow investor, then this episode is the RIGHT one for you.

In this episode, we cover:

  • From wholesaling to apartment buildings: Mark’s beginnings as a contractor, starting out with flips and acquisitions to then finally focus in the multifamily field.
  • For those who are new to the space, we get into detail about what cap rates are all about, and what people tend to misunderstand with them. 
  • Increasing income through Real Estate and his methods in order to get there, as well as adding value to the properties to support it all. 
  • Getting an investor-friendly team. There must be a general understanding of what the goals of the team are. Asking the right questions when hiring your team is KEY to making sure that everything works harmoniously. 
  • Choosing the right person to be able to structure good deals. In fact, or guest has a realtor license and has been coaching for some time! So if you’re looking for help, he is the right guy to coach you.
  • Choosing what the right deal is for yourself. Underwriting (essentially assessing risk and value) and making projections of your future income. Real Estate is a long-term game, and commitment is the only way to get far!

About Mark Baltazar:
With 18 years of experience in business strategy and corporate consulting on the global stage, Mark brings a wealth of business management and operational expertise to real estate investing. His strong analytical background enables him to bring a strategic rigour to portfolio expansion and the assessment of investment opportunities!

Connect with Mark Baltazar:
Website: https://peakmultifamily.ca/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-baltazar/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mark_baltazar/

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