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This is where REAL people are doing REAL Estate. An educational AND entertaining podcast with the sole purpose to further your understanding of the Real Estate Investing space. We take everyday people that have experience in this industry and Danielle gets REAL with them to share key insights into what to watch out for and how to shift your mindset to take on any challenge that may come your way. We are here to support investors of all levels with how to scale their portfolio and to gain financial freedom! Enjoy the Podcast!


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Danielle Chiasson

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Episode 51: Pivoting & Overcoming Failures in Businesses

Hey there! Today, we have our amazing guest back here again to tell us all about what to do when we “fail” (I still hate that word! Haha). She knows all about falling down and picking herself up bravely, so don’t wait any longer,...

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Episode 50: Peeling Back The Curtains of Self-Storage (Part II)

As a continuation of our previous episode, Fernando tells us more about Self-storage. This time, we will be focusing on learning to manage remotely. After earning 150 million in the span of three years, you definitely don’t want to miss the telling of his...

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Episode 49: Peeling Back The Curtains of Self-Storage (Part I)

Self-storage is something that we have not been able to come around in the podcast for some time. Now, our great guest Fernando Angelucci tells us ALL about the business. After earning 150 million in the span of three years, you definitely don’t want...

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Episode 48: Keeping an Eye on The Bigger Picture

In this week’s episode, the CoFounder of Rock Star Real Estate Inc., Nick Karadza, tells us how he got started in Real Estate, what to do with your properties, how to vet a realtor as well as how to protect yourself in the long...

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Episode 47: Signs That You’re Ready for a Coach

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck, and you have to go back to the drawing board… except, you don’t even know where to begin? Then you might be in need of a coach! This week, our dear guest Elizabeth Kelly tells us everything...

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Episode 46: The Best Resource is Being Resourceful

Alex Pal joins us here today to talk about his experience and journey in the real estate world. As we all know, everyone has a different approach to real estate; and today, we will be focusing on joint venture partnerships, raising money… and how...

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