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This is where REAL people are doing REAL Estate. An educational AND entertaining podcast with the sole purpose to further your understanding of the Real Estate Investing space. We take everyday people that have experience in this industry and Danielle gets REAL with them to share key insights into what to watch out for and how to shift your mindset to take on any challenge that may come your way. We are here to support investors of all levels with how to scale their portfolio and to gain financial freedom! Enjoy the Podcast!


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Danielle Chiasson

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Episode 68: Don’t Listen to The Naysayers

Whoop whoop! It’s such a pleasure to have welcomed TJ for the first time in my podcast. Listen in as he gets REAL about his experience as an investor and how he got where he is today. In this episode, we cover: About T.J.:T.J....

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Episode 67: Unlocking the Equity in Your Home to Grow Your Retirement Fund

I’m delighted to welcome back our sweet guest Laurie! She guides us through her experience investing in real estate as a senior, as well as the stigma associated with “silver-haired investors.” People’s restrictive views did not limit her!  In this episode… About Laurie May Peroff:You...

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Episode 66: Learning to Trust Yourself

Today, we welcome our next guest, Susan White Livermore, who I am so glad to have had the opportunity to talk to. We learned about her mistakes, her newfound confidence, and how to create your bigger, better version of your real estate self! In...

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Episode 65: Duplexes vs. Smal Multis

Woot woot! In this episode, I am so happy to welcome Scott back to the podcast with something truly intriguing and very clever: hybrid managing! He hires someone to take care of the properties themselves, while he remains the landlord. Interesting, right? In this...

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Episode 64: Overcoming Nay-Sayers: From No to Cashflow

This week I am super duper excited to host this episode alongside Rachel Oliver, a wonderful woman who turned a nay-saying husband from saying no, to saying hello cashflow! In this episode, we cover: Rachel started investing in 2009, and in 2014, committed to...

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Episode 63: Pivoting for Growth

This time around, I am so happy to welcome Michael Chow with a great story of how he became this massive example of thinking outside the box. From being a refugee to building a 10 million dollar portfolio, you’d definitely want to hear all...

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