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Episode 33: All About Development

This week, we welcome our guest Darren Voros, who will be talking to us in sweet, sweet detail about converting buildings in Toronto! Darren himself calls it the best strategy you could go for. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and GET...

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Episode 32: Inspiring Investor Friendly Realtors

Most of us have experienced how challenging changing your mindset may be: especially if you have been standing in one place without considering all of the perfectly good options you could bring change into your life with! Today, Manny Haidary gets REAL on the...

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Episode 31: Rent-To-Own in Today’s Market

This week we dive deeper into the Rent-To-Own transaction. With today’s hot market, getting tips from experts will certainly guide you through a clear path if you’re interested in RTO! Listen in as Alfonso Salemi gets REAL on the topic of helping families get...

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Episode 30: Setting Sail to Invest in Properties Overseas

If you’re wondering whether or not you should bring your Real Estate investing skills overseas, this episode is for YOU. Listen in, as Mathew Frederick, a vastly experienced investor, gives us an insight on how he set sail on this new journey, and how...

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Episode 29: Find Your Guiding North Star

This time ’round, we invite you to grab a snack, brew yourself some coffee, sit back and hear this week’s guest, Matt McKeever, as we get in touch with his backstory and his journey with Real Estate networking in order to engage and connect...

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Episode 28: Pre-construction is a Great Option to Get Started in Real Estate

This week, we are happy to welcome Michael Richter, who gives us an insight into his whole journey from working overtime, to getting to know Real Estate from scratch, to finally getting involved with pre-construction! In this episode, we cover: The way he got...

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