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Episode 49: Peeling Back The Curtains of Self-Storage (Part I)

Self-storage is something that we have not been able to come around in the podcast for some time. Now,...

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Episode 48: Keeping an Eye on The Bigger Picture

In this week’s episode, the CoFounder of Rock Star Real Estate Inc., Nick Karadza, tells us how he got...

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Episode 47: Signs That You’re Ready for a Coach

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck, and you have to go back to the drawing board… except, you...

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Episode 46: The Best Resource is Being Resourceful

Alex Pal joins us here today to talk about his experience and journey in the real estate world. As...

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Episode 45: The Benefits of Using a General Contractor

We are welcoming Jon Tenbrinkle today, as he spills the tea on construction contractors and everything going on with...

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Episode 44: How To Protect Your Lifestyle As An Investor

Episode 43: How I Used Real Estate to Retire at 43

Adrian Pannozzo joins us this time ’round as he tells us all about his journey: from being a policeman...

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Episode 42: Finding the Right Path

This time, we’re bringing in the big guns. Jared Hope joins us today, as we talk about a bunch...

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