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Episode 45: The Benefits of Using a General Contractor

We are welcoming Jon Tenbrinkle today, as he spills the tea on construction contractors and everything going on with conversions: his subject of expertise. Jon is a colleague who is deep into my world, as he blew me away because of the systems he...

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Episode 44: How To Protect Your Lifestyle As An Investor

Today we ask all those questions that no one is brave enough to ask as we get an insight into Sarah Larbi’s career, and how this wonderful investor decided to go from not having any partners and doing one thing at a time, to...

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Episode 43: How I Used Real Estate to Retire at 43

Adrian Pannozzo joins us this time ’round as he tells us all about his journey: from being a policeman for 21 years to fully retiring and financial freedom at age 43. If you don’t have a background in Real Estate, don’t let it set...

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Episode 42: Finding the Right Path

This time, we’re bringing in the big guns. Jared Hope joins us today, as we talk about a bunch of stuff: Real Estate, his journey along with his whole career, how he almost went bankrupt (and how he got out of it!). Tune in,...

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Episode 41: Finding the Right Deal to Invest In

Is your local real estate market hot? Are good real estate deals getting harder to find? If so, you’re not alone.  But this isn’t a new problem. To help you build that competitive advantage, our guest Eric Chang is back to talk to us...

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Episode 40: The Life of a Silver Haired Investor

This week, our Sweet guest Laurie walks us through her journey investing in Real Estate as a senior, and what the stigma for “silver haired investors” looks like. People’s limiting beliefs did NOT hold her back! She talks to us in detail about what...

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