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This is where REAL people are doing REAL Estate. An educational AND entertaining podcast with the sole purpose to further your understanding of the Real Estate Investing space. We take everyday people that have experience in this industry and Danielle gets REAL with them to share key insights into what to watch out for and how to shift your mindset to take on any challenge that may come your way. We are here to support investors of all levels with how to scale their portfolio and to gain financial freedom! Enjoy the Podcast!


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Danielle Chiasson

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Episode 82: How Private Lending Can Create Passive Income Streams

Serena Holmes, a former business owner, is now investing in real estate after purchasing a short-term rental in Florida with her retained earnings. She further expanded her knowledge through a real estate education company and is now interested in investing in multifamily properties and...

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Episode 81: Balancing Real Estate with Kids

Danielle Unsworth shares her experience in real estate and how to overcome imposter syndrome and balance family while managing business. She also discusses the Women’s Investors Network Canada as a supportive community for women investors. In this podcast Danielle shares: About Danielle Unsworth: Danielle...

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Episode 80: Developing a Financing Road Map

Dalia Barsoom, the founder of Streetwise Mortgages. Dalia’s firm works exclusively with investors and has expanded to include provinces throughout Canada and her portfolio is worth nearly 40 doors. About Dalia Barsoum Dalia Barsoum is the founder of Streetwise Wealth, a boutique real estate...

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Episode 79: How to Start Rebuilding Yourself

Ilona is a real estate investor and a mother of 2, who shares her personal journey and highlights the importance of going through tough times as it makes people stronger.  About Ilona Ilona is a multi-faceted Real Estate Professional. After leaving the corporate world...

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Episode 78: Proactively Reassessing Your Portfolio Using Creative Strategies

The speakers discuss the importance of taking action after gaining knowledge, rather than just accumulating knowledge without using it. They encourage open-mindedness and considering other possibilities for wealth building. About Dave Knight: 911WealthNetwork.com Founder and Host, Dave Knight is a full time Police Officer who...

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Episode 77: How Hiring a VA Can Help You Scale Your Real Estate Portfolio

We are joining today with Greg Brook, living in Dallas, helping clients from across the world by providing them with train professional VA and also embarking on his own way to real estate, and how a successful flipping team in Jacksonville used a cold...

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