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This is where REAL people are doing REAL Estate. An educational AND entertaining podcast with the sole purpose to further your understanding of the Real Estate Investing space. We take everyday people that have experience in this industry and Danielle gets REAL with them to share key insights into what to watch out for and how to shift your mindset to take on any challenge that may come your way. We are here to support investors of all levels with how to scale their portfolio and to gain financial freedom! Enjoy the Podcast!


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Danielle Chiasson

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Episode 57: The Power of Networking

Have you ever had one of those crazy thoughts about merging real estate with another passion of yours? Well, Nick Skalkos definitely has! We welcome him once again to get real about how his music career helped him get into real estate. Interesting, right?...

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Episode 56: Building Human Relationships In Business

This week, we welcome Geoff and Mandy back on the pod! Absolutely wonderful to have them, honestly. They are killing it in a rural small town in Ontario through human relationships and networking. Wanna know how? Get your headphones and let’s get real estate! In...

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Episode 55: Challenging Mindset About RSP

We have the amazing opportunity to welcome my old friend Huong Luu once again, who is a former Mortgage agent and engineer. This time around, we will be focusing on how to become mortgage free. Huong has reached financial freedom from her 9-5, and...

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Episode 54: Analysis Paralysis

Our amazing guest Shawn Rea is back here again to tell us all about Real Estate. From his journey through the industry to the it-takes-forever mindset that a lot of people suffer from, stopping them from getting into investing. Shawn also gets into his...

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Episode 53: Using The Right Contracts for the Properties to Protect Yourself 

We always talk about all the great things from Real Estate and how to get started with the proper steps… but do you know what to do when crap hits the fan? Well, today we welcome Zac Willms once again, as he tells us...

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Episode 52: Drafting The Paperwork with Jose Garcia

This week we invite Jose Gracia, our very first mobile homes park investor. Jose has been investing for the last 7 years in this business. He has managed to build this business from scratch to 400 units within the span of 400 units and...

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