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Episode 39: Evictions & The Process

This week, we welcome Harry Fine to tell us about the process of eviction and how important it is to stand your ground as a landlord. How can your paralegal help you avoid pitfalls as a landlord? What are the telling signs that an...

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Episode 38: How to Sell Like Grant Cardone (Part II)

We welcome Doug Meyers once again, and this time, follow up and closing is what we will be turning our focus to. On this round, we have split our conversation in two parts. This is the second and last part on this journey with...

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Episode 37: How to Sell Like Grant Cardone (Part I)

We welcome Doug Meyers back for yet another interesting topic! Our dear guest describes us in detail what the successful sales process looks like. Everybody is a salesman, you just gotta hone those skills. This time around, we have split our conversation in two...

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Episode 36: The Power of Joint Ventures

Having doubts about starting your venture? Considering all the things holding you back or dreading the work ahead? This week, Mandy Branham addresses all of your potential fears and calls for developing self-discipline, as well as all the benefits you get to reap thanks...

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Episode 35: Multifamily Game is a Team Sport

Losing everything you put in the game is something that truly haunts every investor. And you probably wonder: if you would ever find yourself in that position… how could you possibly get back up? This week, Seth Ferguson talks to us about single family...

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Episode 34: The Multiplier Effect

Hey all! This week, we dive deep into apartment building investing with our dear guest Mark Baltazar, an expert in the multifamily space. If you’re just getting started with investing in this area, or you just would like to hear the experience of a...

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